The AGM will be held on Friday 10th December at 2.00pm. We still cannot have a large group of people together so we are pleased to tell you that we will be holding an online AGM this year, on zoom.

Although this will be very different, we still hope to have fun! We would like everyone to dress up in a Christmas theme.

There will be a signed song ‘Wonderful World’ which we can all learn before the meeting.

We usually use our orange cards to vote at the AGM. It would be hard to count our members votes at an online meeting, so we need you to vote before the meeting. We will send our members a letter with all the information about the AGM and the voting forms. When you have voted you will need to send your voting forms back to us.

We hope to see you at our online meeting.

Here are all the important documents to go with the AGM. Copies have also been sent out to projects to give to members.

AGM 2021 paperwork – click on the links to download

AGM 2021 invite

Annual Review

AGM 2021 Voting paper

Mem and Arts – Easy Read

ECHO Reports and Account 2021 – SIGNED

AGM 2020 minutes

Mem and Arts – Full version