Want to socialise and stay fit and healthy? Then ECHOs Leisure and Social activities are for you!

Unlike day opportunities these activities are much shorter, cheaper and sessions can be individually or block booked. The project provides activities and opportunities in three main areas:

Sport: As well as providing regular opportunities in sports such as football, tennis, badminton and walking, ECHO also oversees the Special Olympics Herefordshire project. This involves working in partnership with local sports clubs to enable them to provide genuine sporting opportunities within their existing programmes for disabled people. Once accredited as a Special Olympics club, players can then go on to compete with their peers locally and nationally. ECHO has now taken on responsibility for being the hub for the Special Olympics West Midlands football squad.

The project also works with other organisation to help stage bigger sporting events such as the bi-annual Community Games.

Badminton (Leominster)Monday£2.50
Inclusive Football (Hereford)Wednesday£4.00
Football (Leominster)Thursday£3.50
Tennis (Leominster)Tuesday£2.00
Walking GroupWednesdayFree

Social Activities: The project runs activities in community based locations to widen the choice of opportunities available to participants in public facilities, such as leisure centres, community centres, libraries and so on. These range from accessible yoga sessions, to our Yam Jams music workshops, The Rendezvous, a younger persons social activity, a Women’s Social Group, club night in a local night club and more. There is also a programme of occasional trips, workshops and taster sessions under the Activities Extra Banner.

Boogie nights (Leominster)1st Thursday of the Month£3.00
The Rendezvous (Leominster)3rd Monday of the Month£4.00
Women’s Social Group£3.00
Yam Jams (Hereford)£10.00
Yam Jams (Leominster)£10.00
Yoga (Hereford)£4.50
Yoga (Leominster)£4.50

Online: Developed as a response to Covid and lockdown, the online programme was originally designed to provide some continuity of service when groups were not able to meet in person. However, it was found that the sessions provided a platform for participants to meet when factors such as location made it difficult to engage. The Online Activities Programme provides fun social activities, both daytime and evening and also gives the opportunity for the project to try different approaches and activities with the participants, some of which have developed into regular activities in their own right.

The programme is promoted monthly with a booking form and links are sent directly to participants’ email for them to log on.

To find the latest Activities Extra Online list please go HERE

Benefits of our Leisure and Social activities

By joining our Leisure and Social activities people will:

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