As businesses working in Herefordshire we know that you have strong links with the community. A great way to demonstrate this is by building a partnership with a local charity like ECHO.

What do businesses get from working with ECHO?

We recognise that for it to work it must be a partnership where both sides gain some benefit. So what do companies get from working with us?

Is it always about a financial partnership?

No. Whilst financial support is vital, there are many ways that businesses can support ECHO.

Financial Support

Some businesses do support ECHO by making regular or one off donations. There may also be some financial benefits to donating to a charity- such as tax relief, so do speak to your accountant or visit the government webpages for more information.

Some organisations also encourage their staff to do payroll giving or other fundraising for supported charities. You could even make ECHO your charity of the year.

How do we get involved?

If you would like to find out more how we could work together, then please contact Penny Weir on: or call 01568 620 307