Dear Participants and Carers,

I hope you are all well. We have been keeping in touch with you all and staff have made over 2400 contacts since our activities stopped. It is great hear what you have all been up to and how you are feeling.

More recently we have started our planning for when we will be able to re-open. Over the next few weeks ECHO is making some temporary changes and during this time we will have a smaller staff team working. Please do not worry about this change as it is very much short term and all the staff who are going to be away will be joining us again soon.


We will still stay in contact but it may mean that the person who contacts you may change. Remember that if you need to get hold of us you can still call the office on 01568 620 307 or reach us via e-mail at . Also visit our website and social media for news and information.

An important part of our planning is hearing from you about how you feel when you think about returning. It is natural for people to be worried about coming back, as we have been told to stay at home for so long. There is a survey on our website and possibly e-mailed to you, for you to write down your thoughts to let us know how you feel about coming back. Please do fill it in as it will help us shape what we do. You can find a copy of a survey here:

Once we have finalised our plans, we will be in touch to let you know what is happening and to support your return. This will include talking to you about what changes we have put in place and what your day will look like.

Look after yourselves and each other, and remember ECHO is here for you.

To see the latest Government guidance click here




Mike Cook

Chief Officer,


In the spotlight

Keep in touch

Thank you to everyone who has sent us pictures, videos and messages during lockdown. It's lovely to see all the things you have been doing to keep busy during your time in isolation. Keep sending in your artwork, ideas and comments. Let us know how you are and importantly, let us know if we can help. Look after yourselves and remember ECHO is here for you.

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REP Group

All members of the REP Group at ECHO are volunteers. They meet weekly to talk about they way ECHO is run and issues that may be affecting ECHO members. They visit projects to make sure the standard is kept high for everyone who uses the services. REP group members are supported by our Participant Involvement Worker, Steph Baines but the group decide what they want to work on. They develop their own skills in speaking up and gain confidence from being involved in the work needed to run the REP group. Each member takes on a role and many have progressed to become full Trustee members of the Board at ECHO. Here they are with certificates they received after taking part in the Leaders List 2018. A National initiative to recognise the work and achievement of people with autism and learning disabilities.

Could you be a volunteer


Jody has been working in the ECHO office for a few months now. She has been learning how to carry out admin tasks and support Kay the Office Manager. Jody says 'I love working at the office. I look forward to Thursdays'. We think that Jody has worked hard and is always keen to carry out a new job. She helps with photocopying, newsletters, shredding and memberships cards. She also makes a fantastic cup of tea!

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