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Wednesday 21st September

Hello, Our names are Bev, Mand, Jason, Lindsey and Jody and we want to raise some money for ECHO.  We are going to be doing something very exciting and hope that you will sponsor us.

This is a big new adventure and none of us have done anything like this before. 

People with disabilities get forgotten about and are told that we can’t do this and we can’t do. Well why not? There are always ways to adapt or improve things so we can be involved too. Can someone with a disability sky dive? Yes! We can do an indoor sky dive and the ECHO team have helped us to dream big and made it possible.

We are looking forward to going to Milton Keynes for our jump.  We are all very brave and a lot more excited than scared but knowing we have your support will really help us on the day. We will be on jumping on Wednesday 21st September.

The money will go to support the amazing work ECHO does so we hope you will show us your support by sponsoring us. Every 50p counts!   Wish us luck! 

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Mand’s Skydive video

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Jason’s Sky dive video

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Bev’s Skydive video

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Lindsey’s Skydive video

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Jody’s Skydive Video