Visiting our local fire station

Get more involved in the local community through volunteering and other activities. You might be out doing shopping for older and housebound people, litter picking or leaflet delivery. As well as volunteering you will be able to do group activities like art and craft work, adult learning courses, a walk, or an outing.

Individuals are encouraged to:

Project Details:

Open: Wednesday and Friday, 9.30am to 3.00pm

COST: ECHO is an approved provider with Herefordshire Council and so the cost of attending a day service can often be included in a support plan. We accept commissioned places, direct payments or self funded attendees

How to contact us:

Claire Tolley, Hereford Manager

Call on 01568 620 307

or for new referrals, Claire Mee

Call on 01568 620 307

On a Wednesday find us here:

On a Friday find us here: