ECHO’s vision is of an equitable society where all disabled people are valued, respected and supported to flourish.


ECHO’s mission is to make a real difference to the lives of disabled people in Herefordshire, supporting them to be valued members of their community.


  • Inclusiveness – we recognise that diversity is strength and will seek to involve all people, as active participants in their community.
  • Responsive – we will work with individuals and groups to meet community needs and make a difference.
  • Quality – we will strive for excellence in the delivery of our services and activities.
  • Accessible – we will provide fair and open access to all our opportunities and support.
  • Forward looking – we will recognise the need for continual review and improvement.
  • Impact focused – we believe that success is measured by outcomes, and will seek to deliver results that benefit both individuals and the community.


In all our work, ECHO believes that people need to:

  • be recognised and treated as individuals
  • be valued in their local community
  • have friendships and relationships
  • be given meaningful choices which enhance quality of life
  • have expectations of achievement
  • have control over decisions
  • have support from good quality trained staff
  • take part in planning that affects their lives

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