We try hard to get everything right, but sometimes things don’t go as we would like them to. In these cases we encourage anyone to contact us to discuss any issue and to see what we can do to put it right.

At ECHO we want to provide good quality services.  We need your help to do this. If you have something to say – we want to hear it.

You may want to:

Whatever you want to say we will listen.

If you have something to say to ECHO, we want to hear it.

ECHO, 40 – 42 West Street, Leominster, HR6 8ES

01568 620307

Email:  echo.info@echoherefordshire.co.uk

Something Gone Wrong?

You have a right to complain about:

ECHO has written down the rules for everyone to follow. This should make sure that we deal with all complaints quickly and fairly.

If you are making a complaint this is what will happen.

Step 1 – Tell someone about it

Please tell the person running the activity or the person the complaint is about.   You can ask anyone you trust to help you to tell ECHO. We will try to sort out any issues at this point, but if it is serious or you want to take it further go to step 2.

Step 2 – Put it in writing

You should write down your complaint yourself or ask someone you trust to help you if:

Send your letter to the ECHO Chief Officer. They will contact you within 7 days. We aim to sort out complaints within 28 days.  

Step 3 – The Last Step

If you are still not happy about the way your complaint has been dealt with it will be passed on to the ECHO Chairperson and the Board to sort out.   They will ask a special complaints committee to meet within 21 days to deal with your complaint.

Complaining to the Council

You can also make a complaint about ECHO to Herefordshire Council by talking to their team on 01432 260000

or e-mail: complaints@herefordshire.gov.uk

For a leaflet of this process please click here