About Face Theatre Company, ‘We Are All Stories’

May 11th & 12th,  5.45pm.   May 13th, 11am & 5.45pm.  £5.00

Brighton Toy and Model Museum
The whole company would like to thank everyone who came to see the show at the Fringe this year, to Jan and Nick at the Toy Museum but also to everyone who encouraged, shared links on social media and got the word out that About Face were coming into town! It was a huge effort but ultimately successful and rewarding, both in terms of audience numbers and the development of of the individual actors and the company as a whole

Jody from the company said, ” I love Brighton and we should come back. We worked really hard with the shows and I think people loved seeing us. The best bit was the Brighton Toy and Model Museum where we performed”

“It’s been brilliant”, said Tim, “Being here with my friends” and Graham added, “It’s been madness at times but it’s been really good!”.

And the audience commented: “A beautiful and inspiring show – I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. What a creative and talented group of actors. Thank you”

“Loved it! Magical, beautiful and funny. Best show of the Fringe!!”

“Wonderful, amazing, transportative show, so moving and sensitive. Performances were beautiful, the puppets, sets and ideas so engaging. High production values. So glad I heard last minute about this show – loved it. Come back again please!”


Here are some images from our time in Brighton…