We continue to open up and support more social and leisure opportunities. As well as the tennis and football sessions, our Walking for Health group is out and about again every Wednesday. Many thanks to Claire and the team for helping to get this going again safely.

Covid-19 restrictions are put in place to keep everyone safe. ECHO is looking at every service it offers to find ways to make it possible for a safe return.

Here are walk leaders, Kevin and Jason, checking a walking route to make sure walkers can stay two metres apart at all times. They made an information pack to give to walkers who wanted to come back to the group telling them about any changes. Their story was featured in The Ramblers monthly newsletter.

The walk is popular with ECHO members as a useful way to meet with friends and enjoy some fresh air together at the same time. The walks begin in Corn Square and the walk leaders check the route is accessible for those using wheelchairs or who have mobility issues.








Covid-19 restrictions have prevented many of our social activities from being able to meet again. We are working with our partners to find ways to adapt where we can. This takes time but we will keep trying as we know how much our members enjoy these services.

The Lads Club Inclusive Team which is supported by ECHO has started training again. They can only train outdoors at the moment, so are using the Lads Club pitch at Widemarsh Common in Hereford. This team is open to anyone aged 12 – 25, so please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

We are looking at presenting some of our social opportunities such as The Rendezvous online for now – to meet up and have fun through video technology! We’ll let you know more as soon as we can.

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