Eaton Barn Community Garden is excited to unveil the new green wood working area.

This new space has been created by regular volunteers, Darren and Richard, who have used their skills to set up this area so others can learn how to use the tools.

Here’s Carl getting to grips with the pole lathe already.

person working a green pole lathe








The project has already received support from Leominster Rotary Club. When they heard about the new project they were keen to help and have given a generous donation of £250.00 to help buy the special tools needed. We hope they will come and visit next year to see the tools in action.

Having the right tools will allow Darren and Richard to pass on the skills they learned to others. It means the team can make items to use in the garden and create goods to sell from the onsite farm shop.

As a social enterprise the project generates some of its income from the sale of produce, flowers and seasonal crafts. The restrictions this year have had an impact.

Work carried on at the garden and participants were allowed to re-join from July, although it did have to remain closed to visitors. Some socially distanced sales have been possible from the gate but the Open Days and fundraising events have all been put on hold until restrictions can be lifted.

Plans ahead for 2021

Luckily, as it is such a large site, there is plenty of room for people to spread out. The outdoor space is great when the weather is fine but as it turns colder and wetter, it becomes more difficult to keep everyone comfortable.

The building needs new heating and a refurbishment which would include a kitchen, dining area and flexible workspaces.


Plans are in progress to set up a fundraising and support campaign for 2021.