The House Party is ECHO’s online ‘Big Night Out’, that means you can get all the excitement of going clubbing without leaving your house. Those who attend The House Party see it as ECHO’s best kept secret, so we thought we would ask one of our ‘regulars’, Tracy Crum, to describe a typical night…

ECHO House party an online activity






‘If you like to dance and sing and really want to have a good time, The House Party is the activity for you. The next day I feel ‘clubbed up’ like I’ve been out for the night – it’s a real buzz and when I do a Zoom the next day, I tell them all about it.

The best thing about The House Party is that any ECHO participant can go to it and you get to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a long time – it’s really nice to see people you don’t see that often. I’m glad you (ECHO) came up with the idea, it’s just genius.

Is it fun? Yes! That’s a no-brainer! It’s a catch up with all my friends on Zoom and DJ Mouse Trap is really good. And Letty’s really good too, supporting us and helping get requests in through the chat box.

If you would like to come to The House Party just contact ECHO, they will hook you up and send you a link – it’s as easy as that…’

You can find details of The House Party in the programme that comes with your February newsletter or click on the link

There will be two House Party events in February, on Thursday 4th and Thursday 18th, both from 7.30 – 9.00pm. Try and be there, join the party!