The Spinning Circle has moved from Clever Betsy to The Priory Centre where there is a bit more room. We started meeting again in July. In September it was lovely and sunny and we were able to spin in the courtyard in the sunshine and easily keep 2 metres away from each other. We usually meet together on the third Saturday of each month.

Spinning circle is just one of the social and leisure activities to be affected by the Covid-19 restrictions. Every single one of our projects has needed more space to fit everyone in safely or we have not been able to use our usual community venues and sadly had to keep a project closed until we can find a way around this.

We are working with all our partners to find new ways of working that will keep people safe and still allow social and leisure activities to go ahead. As the restrictions continue we know how important they will be to people.

ECHO Spinning circle meet at The Priory Centre courtyard garden








The Priory Centre is an ECHO project also affected by Covid-19 restrictions. They were able to start opening at the end of July but had to make many changes to the way the day normally runs at the centre. Luckily the spaces in the building are large enough to have small teams that stay together during the day for their activities. When the weather is good they can meet for a socially distanced lunch in the courtyard garden, It is very useful to have this outdoor area to use, being together socially is an important for everyone.

a piece of colourful artwork showing a smiley face made at The Priory Centre








You can follow The Priory Centre on Facebook. Keep in touch with the preserves and crafts they are making for the market stall planned for Friday 11th December in Leominster.