So, I’m excited about ECHOfest but I don’t live in Leominster, so how do I get to Dom’s Bike Stop? We have a Shuttle Bus service from Leominster bus & train stations, £1.00 per journey!

Leominster to Festival site, Pick Up 1
Leominster Train Station – 12.10pm.
(Leaves Hereford Train Station 11.58am)
Leominster Bus Station – 12.30pm.
(Leaves Hereford County Bus Station 11.46am)
Arrive at Festival – 12.40pm
Leominster to Festival site, Pick Up 2
Leominster Train Station – 3.10pm. (Leaves Hereford Train Station 2.58pm)
Leominster Bus Station – 3.30pm. (Leaves Hereford County Bus Station 2.46pm)
Arrive at Festival – 3.40pm
Festival Site to Leominster, Return 1
Leave 5.00pm, arrive Leominster Bus Station – 5.15pm. (This the last 492 back to Hereford on Saturdays)
Then Leominster Train to catch 5.27pm train to Hereford
Festival Site – Leominster, Return 2
Leave 9.15pm, arrive Leominster Train Station to catch 9.29pm train to Hereford
If you’re making you’re own way or walking across from Leominster, here’s a map but however you get there, don’t miss out! Any queries ring the ECHO office on 01568 620307