We have created Activities Online, a new way to enjoy ECHO social and leisure opportunities during these difficult times.

Some of our sessions, such as Yam Jams, have not been able to take place in person because there is not a safe way to bring everyone together. Other activities, like Friday Club, have restarted but with limited numbers.

At the time of writing we are still unable to offer our usual activities because of lockdown restrictions. But all is not lost.

Our participants have helped us choose which activities they would like to do. Thanks to Nick and Letty for all their hard work to put the sessions together and make it possible to go online.

Last month we launched a programme of online social opportunities for those who can use the internet. We know that doesn’t include everyone but we’re trying to reach as many people as possible. Some participants have signed up as individuals. Others have joined as a group from their projects. However people have got involved, they’ve had a lot of fun.

A new Activities Online programme went out with the December newsletter which all ECHO members will receive.

You will need to be an ECHO member and book so we can manage numbers.

If you are not a member and want to join (it costs £6 per year) send us an email at echo.info@echoherefordshire.co.uk.

We hope there is one of your favourites here. If you have any other ideas for an online session let us know.

Even if you are not sure that every activity is for you, it is a way of meeting up with friends. You may even meet some new people. The chance for some good company and enjoyable activity. Give it a go!

More information is shared on the ECHO Facebook page. Make sure to follow us HERE