How can you raise funds for ECHO

Why do we need to fundraise for ECHO? Knowing we have the funds available to continue our work is crucial when planning ahead to provide the best possible service we can. We have seen social care support reduced and removed for many of our members in recent years. Further cuts in the sector are inevitable as the local authority struggles to make ends meet. Sadly, it is often the most vulnerable people that are affected most. At ECHO we make a little go a long way and are proud of the quality of the projects and events that continue no matter what.

Being involved is easy and we will help you with your fundraising efforts.

If you would like to support us there are many ways to be involved –

  • make us your Charity of the Year
  • organise your own event
  • have a collecting tin or box
  • put us in your will
  • donate regularly
  • do something for sponsorship

To discuss any of these options please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to learn more about our work we can arrange for a project visit or come to you and give a talk. Ring the office on 01568 620307 or email our fundraising co-ordinator


We’ve teamed up with Golden Giving to make it super easy to donate, you can do that HERE

While ECHO is busy making a difference, its the extra funds that allow us to do this, so we are very grateful for the individuals, organisations and businesses that recognise and support our work.



If you are an online shopper there is an easy way to donate at NO extra cost to you.

easy fundraising

Sign up for Easy Fundraising and a little bit comes our way at no extra cost to you. You can register using the link HERE

Looking for somewhere to round up your loose change? Why not have one of our mini collecting boxes at home or at work. It all adds up.

ECHO's coin collection box

If you would like to help ECHO please contact our fundraising co-ordinator, Lisa Woakes on 01568 620307.